Meet Pretty Terrible

Not every squire has a quiet background. Pretty may have started as a bandit, but she too eventually takes up the path of a hero.

With the end of Spooktober close upon us the Corgi Knight Crew is keeping things festive for the fall season. Expect some more pumpkin spice in your life as Baxter begs for more food. Sorry Baxter, no scraps for you.

The Spider Surprise.

Leo and Sendo are getting more skilled with their pranks. Even the king is no match for the two.

With the end of 2020 looming around the corner the Corgi Knight crew is ramping up its efforts! Whether it be animation, art or perhaps a new visual novel, you can expect great things from our medieval canine friends coming soon.

Doggy Day Job

Today’s comic is brought to you by CJ, one of the brave nurses on the front line of the medical field that continues to keep us safe in these pandemic times. He always wanted to be a Livestreamer so we found a way that even Livestreamers can make a living in Dogonna!

Corgi Knight: Stand by your black brother.

The Corgi Knight Crew is a proud supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement here in the United States. And around the wold.

Lord and Malaki are back to back to challenge systemic racism that targets the black youth of the world. It’s time to stand up and be heard. Stand up and be recognized.

If black lives don’t matter, there can be no equality. It’s time for a change. Stand by your black brothers in these dangerous times.

Teaching an old meme new tricks.

It’s exciting to see people come together and create something they are passionate about. And with the intellectual diversity of the Corgi Knight Crew, you can be sure it’s going to be big, fun and unique!

She knows what she’s about.



A prominent side character in the Corgi Knight series, Mikaya has earned herself the nickname “Murder Mouse”. Her one obsession with a rival ruler keeps her motivated living the life she leads.

A prank too far.


Leo is having none of Baxter’s usual shenanigans. Just as Sendo planned.

We have a new addition to the Corgi Knight crew! Thanhvy has joined up to lend a helping paw in the creation of Corgi Knight themed comics for your enjoyment.

Go check her out at

And expect more in the coming weeks ahead!

A knight to behold.



Progress is the topic of today’s blog post. It is progress that keeps us all moving forward. Three years ago the dream of a little corgi that wanted to change the world was conceived, and It’s progress that has kept that dream growing. When a writer sits down and puts pen to paper, there is a vision in their head, an image of what is to be. Today I get to see that vision start to become a reality. A picture of the events and concepts that I could almost touch in the back of my mind.


Corgi Knight is on its way to a visual screen near you and there are a few key people that I would like to take this time to thank.


Aaron McCrory, the mastermind behind the visual mechanics of Corgi Knight and the first to believe it could be done. On a simple whim he suggested back in 2019 that the novel should be converted to a visual novel. Now with enough work his idea is beginning to take shape.

Thank you Aaron. For being a person that believes. And for being an amazing brother to a dreamer all these years.


Sara Fillman, or Silfo as we know her here on the Corgi Knight crew. She is our lead artist and has crafted the core character design. She is a talented, skilled, and possesses a potential like no other.


Thank you Silfo. You have given me especially. the gift of sight. To see the characters I know and love in front of me in vibrant color is an experience like no other.


While Benjamin McFadden, or View, maybe our newest inductee on the Corgi Knight Crew but he has already proven himself a valuable asset with the nearly magical creations of his background art. The world lives and breathes at his fingertips, and I will be eternally grateful for his current and future works.


Thank you, View. You give a depth of life to the world that the characters dance and play in.


And a hearty thanks to you! Our reader! Your witness is what we strive for. In return, we will continue to bring quality Corgi Knight content to your pandemic stricken day. Good luck out there and stay safe!

Corgi Knight, A New Breed of Chivalry.



After a year worth of work and a massive reorganization of the Corgi Knight Crew… We’re back!

And with big news! Corgi Knight is going from a fantasy book to a visual novel! Prepare to see all your favorite characters and places in vibrant new formats.

With new amazing character designs from Silfo,

And the eye-popping backgrounds of Viwrastupr.

Everything is starting to look top-notch for the visual novel.

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates from the Corgi Knight Crew!

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