Corgi Knight: Stand by your black brother.

The Corgi Knight Crew is a proud supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement here in the United States. And around the wold.

Lord and Malaki are back to back to challenge systemic racism that targets the black youth of the world. It’s time to stand up and be heard. Stand up and be recognized.

If black lives don’t matter, there can be no equality. It’s time for a change. Stand by your black brothers in these dangerous times.

Teaching an old meme new tricks.

It’s exciting to see people come together and create something they are passionate about. And with the intellectual diversity of the Corgi Knight Crew, you can be sure it’s going to be big, fun and unique!

She knows what she’s about.



A prominent side character in the Corgi Knight series, Mikaya has earned herself the nickname “Murder Mouse”. Her one obsession with a rival ruler keeps her motivated living the life she leads.

A prank too far.


Leo is having none of Baxter’s usual shenanigans. Just as Sendo planned.

We have a new addition to the Corgi Knight crew! Thanhvy has joined up to lend a helping paw in the creation of Corgi Knight themed comics for your enjoyment.

Go check her out at

And expect more in the coming weeks ahead!

A knight to behold.



Progress is the topic of today’s blog post. It is progress that keeps us all moving forward. Three years ago the dream of a little corgi that wanted to change the world was conceived, and It’s progress that has kept that dream growing. When a writer sits down and puts pen to paper, there is a vision in their head, an image of what is to be. Today I get to see that vision start to become a reality. A picture of the events and concepts that I could almost touch in the back of my mind.


Corgi Knight is on its way to a visual screen near you and there are a few key people that I would like to take this time to thank.


Aaron McCrory, the mastermind behind the visual mechanics of Corgi Knight and the first to believe it could be done. On a simple whim he suggested back in 2019 that the novel should be converted to a visual novel. Now with enough work his idea is beginning to take shape.

Thank you Aaron. For being a person that believes. And for being an amazing brother to a dreamer all these years.


Sara Fillman, or Silfo as we know her here on the Corgi Knight crew. She is our lead artist and has crafted the core character design. She is a talented, skilled, and possesses a potential like no other.


Thank you Silfo. You have given me especially. the gift of sight. To see the characters I know and love in front of me in vibrant color is an experience like no other.


While Benjamin McFadden, or View, maybe our newest inductee on the Corgi Knight Crew but he has already proven himself a valuable asset with the nearly magical creations of his background art. The world lives and breathes at his fingertips, and I will be eternally grateful for his current and future works.


Thank you, View. You give a depth of life to the world that the characters dance and play in.


And a hearty thanks to you! Our reader! Your witness is what we strive for. In return, we will continue to bring quality Corgi Knight content to your pandemic stricken day. Good luck out there and stay safe!

Corgi Knight, A New Breed of Chivalry.



After a year worth of work and a massive reorganization of the Corgi Knight Crew… We’re back!

And with big news! Corgi Knight is going from a fantasy book to a visual novel! Prepare to see all your favorite characters and places in vibrant new formats.

With new amazing character designs from Silfo,

And the eye-popping backgrounds of Viwrastupr.

Everything is starting to look top-notch for the visual novel.

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates from the Corgi Knight Crew!

Corgi Knight Calls For Aid! At Epic Fantasy Fanatics!


Competition hones our world’s best and brightest, it offers a chance to stand out from the rest. Fantasy writing is no different and Corgi Knight Yin X Yang is stepping up to the plate at Epic Fantasy Fanatics!



Come help nominate Corgi Knight to take its place at the judgement table among other fantasy fiction novels as we duke it out with style, creative content, and some good ol’ fantasy magic.


It’s an exciting time for Corgi Knight! The second real world step for any piece of creative content is to have it peered reviewed. Let EFF know where you stand, and invite your friends and family with the link above to give Baxter and his friends your support!


The Epic Fantasy beacons are lit! Corgi Knight calls for aid!


And the world will answer!


-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”


When does your writing come alive?

I keep an eye on multiple writing circles, including the ones on Reddit. You can learn a lot by just observing, and sometimes something special and unique pops up.

Posted by ravnicrasol:

It’s something that has only happened to me twice, and I’m curious if anyone else has gone through it.

If I were to describe it, it’s that one instant when you’re writing your story, and as you’re getting to the part where you start narrating one of the characters, you suddenly get this… jolt and feel as if what they just did was THEIR choice and not yours. As if you no longer controlled what they do or how they react but rather that you’re just spectating and writing it down.

For me, the first time was when the protagonist got attacked by some magical creatures and woke up without an arm. In the setting, regrowing a limb wasn’t impossible, just complicated, but it had been the first time he’d gotten messed up to that degree. It was originally meant to unfold with him swearing revenge or whatnot and storming off to do something courageously stupid (again). And yet… the scene just refused to come out that way.

Instead, what came out was that he woke up and noticed his missing arm and… stopped, not moving nor saying anything for a moment before deciding to step outside for some air. And as he bent down to tie his shoes and realized he wouldn’t be able to do it with just one hand he just… crumbled and broke into tears.

That time, it felt like I’d been hit by a hammer to the chest when I wrote it down, the character had been meant to be super proud and boisterous and his own development arc was supposed to come further down the line but instead got kick-started to that moment in the story (Had to rewrite everything I’d planned for).

So… yeah, what was your “Oh s*** he lives?” moment and what did it mean to you?


Moments likes these FASCINATE me! Every once in a while I will find a writer or artist that stumbles upon a unique situation like this. While I’ve seen many dismiss this as some kind of delusion or disfunction, there have been too many instances of it happening for me to just toss it away.

Can creative people really tap into something else that is out there? Is this the budding sense of spontaneous information? Or perhaps this is where creation truly starts, on the individual level.

If you’ve ever experienced something like this, leave a post about it! I want to hear your story.

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

Fantasy VS Witchcraft!

Is Fantasy considered Witchcraft?

         Growing up, every kid in my class had either heard, read, or seen Harry Potter.

Harry Potter was and still is the “It” movie. My class took a field trip to Harry Potter world at Universal, and I was so excited to ride the castle ride with my friend, until she said her mother wouldn’t allow her to. I thought it was weird since Harry Potter was such a loved and magical movie. She told me the reason her mother wouldn’t let her watch or even get near anything Harry Potter was because it was ‘Witch Craft”, meaning every single fantasy movie or book that I liked, I couldn’t show my friend because it had magic within its contents.

            There’s a bad rep with some parents when it comes to the Fantasy genre because of the magic within it. The conflict between magic in fantasy and whether it’s bad or considered “witch craft”, is very prevalent within strict parent households. I had asked my friend’s mother why she wasn’t allowed to like magic or magical things, and she said it was because “All magic is evil, and the devil owns it.” It’s a strange concept though, because my friend could watch the anime “Full Metal Alchemist,” which some might argue is very close to magic. Alchemy is a science that makes the impossible real, but the only difference between that and magic, is that it’s not really used in many fantasy books. All fantasy books use some sort of magic, but alchemy is a special kind of science that’s unique to its own self. But the real issue is that there are a lot of kids who aren’t allowed to read or watch about these amazing magical worlds because some parents think magic is evil, when they really don’t understand what it’s about.  Magic is no different than science, in the way that they both can make anything happen, good or bad. This day and age everyone should be allowed to watch or read fantasy, especially kids. Kids need to know that reading or watching anything about magic is okay, and that being creative and having imagination isn’t “witch craft” or an “Evil” thing, but a fun thing!

            Reading a fantasy book is no different than reading a science fiction book. But because some fantasy books use the words “magic” and “witches”, it turns a lot of extreme people off, particularly religious people. We as people should not be so scared of fantasy and magic, to the point where we won’t even allow children to explore this amazing and creative genre. Instead all kids should be given the chance to explore these majestic magical worlds, and to let their creativity flow. But the first step into making this happen, is to change the view on fantasy.

If you’ve grown up with a taste for fantasy, situations like these are not uncommon to you. It leads into the question of what constitutes as good and evil?

Who makes the decisions on what is good magic and what is bad magic? People? A church? A religion? A nation? Whomever you are and whatever you’re writing about, if it’s fantasy, it’s magic. And I would hope that no matter what forces may push against you, you continue to write anyways. The only way we will get to the bottom of this magic mystery is by continued experimentation and exploration.

Go write something magical!

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

-Majestic_Ness: “Don’t cry about dreams that don’t come true today. Sometimes ya needs ta try another way!”

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