Can’t think of a conflict? Map it out!



If you think your characters motivation is lacking or unoriginal, try assessing the world around them. In the real world we are influenced by the highest levels of power. From world governments, local government, society and individuals, we all are connected to the conflicts that arise on any of those levels. It’s difficult to notice sometimes but if you’re not a hermit in a mountain cave somewhere on a typewriter, you hear and see the effects of global conflict around you. Sometimes it’s in the news, sometimes it’s the technology we develop, most likely it’s your family and friends.

Create a map of the region, or space station, or underground vault, if there are other beings (intelligent or otherwise) you will have a conflict that is influencing your characters and their development.

In this post is a rudimentary map of Luterra, the island continent of Corgi Knight. There are plenty of map creation apps and sites out there. If you wanted to use this one head on over to:

With a bird’s eye view of the land I can begin to see how the separate races interact with each other. Are they at war? Are they at peace? How long have they been in this state? Will this time change my characters? Villains? Ancestors?

People enjoy depth to a character. When you understand the world around them and how they interact, you can write accordingly. And your audience will notice!


-Silver the Bard. If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.

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