Corgi Knight Sneak Peek! (Sendo Magic)


Sendo is one of the few dogs capable of using magic in the land of Luterra. In this sneak peek you get to witness him truly wield the power for the first time. Unfortunately in this moment he forgets the basics of magic.


When Sendo reached the surface, he noticed an opening to the east near the fountain and dashed over to it. The Shiba took a moment to look around and observe the area before deciding. Now with the enhanced perception it was becoming clear that his lack of physical training was going to hold him back. Even though he could see the correct path to take his body could not keep up. Fortunately, Sendo did have a unique sight compared to the rest. He could now see the ebb and flow of magic around him. The Shiba stood in the middle of a formless ocean of energy that swirled through and around every solid object. Sendo could even see the magic flowing throughout his body. The sensation was unique, yet familiar. From his ears he could see a long flow of magic that reached out to the now transparent Melody floating above Lord and the crystal source. A leash of similar magic flowed to each of the squires in the marketplace. Sendo chose a differing path, one that involved the flow of magic rather than the emotional and physical reactions of the people around him. With its vast amount of life, the largest source of nearby magic was the swamp water underneath the city. When Sendo reached down beneath him with his paw, he could feel the water react. The Shiba channeled his energy, with it the water underneath burst forth into a mighty wave that swept him to the very top. The massive wave hurdled through the market to the west, with Sendo surfing above. The soldiers could do nothing compared to the power of water. The wave would wash over any object or person and push them down underneath. The power Sendo wielded was euphoric as he effortlessly made his way across the markets. In his new invincible state, the Shiba watched the other dogs from afar, until he noticed a large group of guards converging in on Bella’s position. No other dog was nearby to assists so Sendo took it upon himself to aid her. Sendo reached out with his other paw in an attempted to control the water underneath the soldiers. But the water did not move, instead the Shiba watched the magic in his own body swell up in his arm until finally it burst forth.


Magical backfire can be a disastrous hurdle that will quickly end the career of even the most capable wizard. What do you think will happen to the young scholar next? Leave a comment if you enjoy speculating or want to see more sneak peeks from the book!


Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”



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