The mini boss appears!

Vol’Dume the Blight of Luterra.

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In Cogi Knight you get a chance to take a look at Lord’s past. It’s revealed that much of his power was gained when he was forced to defend his people against the threat of Vol’Dume, a giant sized insect that consumed everything it it’s path. Vol’Dume is long since defeated in the book, but pieces of the creature still haunt the present day.

Malaki: “Ok! It’s little ones are spread out enough! If we charge it now we can take it down before they all return!”

The other knights looked uncomfortable and hesitant with commands from Malaki. He wasn’t their leader anymore.

Malaki: “Oh what now!? It’s a perfect plan!”

Malaki noticed the group all looking toward Lordren for his input.

Malaki: “You really think my little brother is capable of leading us!? INTO THIS?”

Lordren was busy studying the giant creature. A plan of action whirling through his head.

Malaki: “Oh, COME ON!”

Lordren: “I think we should wait a little further on the cliff face here and drop down on it from above.”

Malaki: “That’s suicide! The rest of it’s forces will collect together in the canyon and we’ll have to fight all of them!”

None of the knights were listening to Malaki, instead they discussed the merit of Lordren’s suggestion. Malaki was now on a rage fueled edged, he walked right up to his brother and lifted him by the chainmail till they were eye to eye.

Malaki: “Were not going to wait! Give them the order LORDREN! The time is NOW!”

– A crucial conversation between the knights of Dogonna.

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-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”


Art? Yeah I like art.

Want to meet the artists behind the Corgi Knight character concepts?

Oh I know you do.


~Henry Schumann

Illustrator, Comic Artist, Designer.✨ Webcomic: @flyphq Brasília-DF/ Brazil

Amazing work of his own and is currently crafting a comic called Flyp! Go check him out! Maybe he can help you with your own next project!



Annalicia Valle

freelance digital artist
Miami, United States Minor Outlying Islands
The talent just keeps on growing with the addition of Annalicia! Her monsters and dragons are top notch. Also a pleasantly easy artist to work with. You know you want to hire her.
 Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

Melody the Dragon of Prophecy.


The first concept art of Melody the Dragon of Prophecy is complete!

A secondary character to Corgi Knight, she nevertheless helps the dogs with their quest throughout Luterra.

Melody is a mysterious dragon that appears wherever there are high amounts of magical energy. She is mentioned as a premonition in one of the dog’s dreams but surprises them when she shows up in person. Melody is skilled in an unknown auditory type of magic that she uses on several occasions to assist her allies. She is logical, calculating and bound by an unspoken set of rules.


“With all these rules Melody, are you sure you should be helping us?”

“I’m not sure… But if you only ever follow the rules, nothing changes.”

-A conversation between Lord and Melody.


Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”