Art? Yeah I like art.

Want to meet the artists behind the Corgi Knight character concepts?

Oh I know you do.


~Henry Schumann

Illustrator, Comic Artist, Designer.✨ Webcomic: @flyphq Brasília-DF/ Brazil

Amazing work of his own and is currently crafting a comic called Flyp! Go check him out! Maybe he can help you with your own next project!



Annalicia Valle

freelance digital artist
Miami, United States Minor Outlying Islands
The talent just keeps on growing with the addition of Annalicia! Her monsters and dragons are top notch. Also a pleasantly easy artist to work with. You know you want to hire her.
 Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

Published by SilverTheBard

I'm your local neighborhood fiction writer and dungeon master. I got your fix for fantasy/RP needs.

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