Silver’s top 10 ways to combat writer’s block!


Writer’s block is a challenge every story bound mind will eventually run into. That dreaded wall of blank nothing that seems to hold us at bay from our goal. Well, Silver is here to give you some tips and tricks to get around that dastardly unseen barrier.


#1: Move away from monotony.

It’s comfort that drives us to most places and environments where we write. But it can also create a stale sense of being that will drive us into a writer’s block. Go to a new place to write! A library, coffee shop, school, friend’s house. Changing up the environment can get those creative juices flowing!


#2: Listen to music.

Music is an invaluable resource! It has an amazing effect on both our mental and chemical composition. Fight the writer’s block by taking time to listen and feel a song. If you’re used to listening to a certain type of music while you write, change it up! Find a new or similar genre to spice your mind. And if nobody is looking, go ahead and treat yourself to a dance. I won’t judge.


#3: Don’t forget to eat!

Our brain is a wondrous machine, and it needs fuel. While you charge forward in the world of words, you’re burning energy. Burn too much and you’ll soon start feeling the effects of writer’s block! Don’t skip meals, and if you can, invest in learning proper nutrition. Having a few extra hours a day, in energy, can make a world of difference.


#4: Take breaks in your writing.

None of us are perfect. The brain machine can’t run on all eight cylinders constantly. Take breaks in-between massive writing sessions. 45/15 is a ratio I practice for stomping out writer’s block. Forty-five minutes of work, and fifteen minutes of rest. When you take breaks, make certain you are taking your mind completely away from the work. None of that half in, half out thinking with your mind!


#5: Discuss your latest piece of work.

Humans are social creatures; shouldn’t our ideas be too? Think back to the last paragraph, chapter, blurb you just wrote and start asking hypothetical questions about it to your peers. Use text, chat, phone, verbal, whatever it takes to bounce some of these ideas off them and back to you! You might find that the writer’s block monster is easily subdued with a little friendly effort.

#6: Take time to refocus.

We all got into writing for our own separate reasons. It’s also easy to forget those reasons during the journey. Writer’s block is notorious for covering up our intentions. Take time to sit back and make a list of why you write. Even if you decide to change them halfway through the journey, it’s still good to have a solid list nearby of what they are.


#7: Go exercise!

The mind and body work in tandem. Yes, the mind is doing most of the hauling while writing, but that doesn’t mean you should completely neglect the other half of the machine! Bust the writer’s block by busting your buns, or taking a run, or lifting some weight. Some amount of physical activity each day will help stretch the creative process to its max.


#8: Work on a hobby.

We are far too complex creatures to only put our creative energy into one outlet. Hobbies build character and shape who we are. Make certain you’re finding other outlets for your creativity besides writing. Remember: Hobbies should be more fun than work!


#9: Go explore other people’s creative content!

“Wait a minute Silver, that could lead to stealing!” – anonymous

Only if you let it. We are a massive collective of life and information. There will be some instances of crossing creative genius no matter how hard we try to avoid it. That’s just the nature of information. More than likely what will happen is you’ll find some awesome content that will push back the writer’s block wall and discover a new portion of your own content that was already there. And if you find some new amazing that mixes well with your own? Just ask if you can use it, most people love sharing.


#10: Know when to stop.

This one might think it to be common sense, but I’ve personally witnessed people drive themselves into a writer’s block stupor just by trying to push through their own pride. Know and calculate how much work you can do in a day and stick close to it. It’s ok to exercise your ability and push it further sometimes but slamming your nose to the grindstone constantly will just delude your content. Stop, return to being a human for the rest of the day, and tomorrow you can resume your computer like crusade as a writer.


-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

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