Rage is for Aggretsuko!


My time as a writer has taught me about many different character faucets. Rage is one of these. Unfortunately rage stereotypically comes in two forms, self-destruction or environmental destruction. Aggretsuko has found a way to present Rage in a productive and comedic way that we as an audience can relate to.


In the show we follow the daily life of Retsuko, an anthropomorphic red panda office worker. Don’t let the cutesy face fool you, the situations she must deal with are complicated and heavy. The show follows along the theme of  rough life situations. For example: corrupt bosses, overbearing work peers, social stress and horrid work environments. But Retsuko has a unique way of blowing off her steam with rage and death metal.


If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll have noticed that teaching moral values with anthropomorphic animals is kind of my shtick. The series is a refreshing slap to the face with a quirky cast of characters and all too real situations that many of us have had to face. I’m particularly impressed with the utilization of rage for the main character, never have I seen it used it such a way.

So go ahead and treat yourself with Aggretsuko on Netflix. And prepare to scream your lungs out.

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

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I'm your local neighborhood fiction writer and dungeon master. I got your fix for fantasy/RP needs.

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