Corgi Knight Sneak Peek! (Bella’s fall)


I apologize for my absence of posting lately, medical issues have kept me from doing what I love. But I did see an excellent opportunity to showcase a major plot point for Bella! Lets take a sneak peek!



The familiar carpet she fell upon was the same as the one that stretched out from Lord’s throne room. She was now in the entrance hall at the front of the manor. Two rows of guards stood at attention on the edges of the carpet, none of them were looking very happy at Bella.


Bella: “Uh… Hey guys. Are…”


Guard interrupting: “Your presence is demanded in the throne room.”


Bella shuttered at the cold reception of the guard and sheepishly walked toward the next room. Once past the grand doorway Bella could see that the throne room was packed with guard and civilian alike. The rows of guards continued all the way up to the throne where Lord was sitting. Beyond the guards were crowds of glaring and angry dogs. Each of them Bella recognized from her past. Even Martha stood among them with a distinctive look of shame. Bella’s ears pinned back as she felt complete uncomfortable with the staring masses of people around her. Along the carpet stood the other squires, all in attention but still staring at her. Bella stumbled forward until she got close to Ed. The Great Dane stepped forward and ripped a tassel off Bella’s garments as he spoke.


Ed: “You’re not strong enough to be a knight!”


Ed returned to his attentive stance and continued to glare at Bella. Bella now had a look of complete disbelief. Ed was a friend to her and she had never seen him so serious. Ed continued his glare and growled out a command.


Ed: “Your presence is demanded at the throne.”


Bella could not hold back the tears as she slowly turned to the throne and moved forward. The next squire was Sendo. When Bella passed he spit upon her and muttered under his breath.


Sendo: “You’re not smart enough to be a knight.”


Bella didn’t even look at him, but she did start to sniffle a bit as she felt the spit hit her face. Still she continued forward. Cleft was the next squire, and he couldn’t even force himself to look at Bella. When the husky walked by him stepped forward and ripped another piece off of her uniform.


Cleft: “You lack the grace to be a knight!”


Bella was now sobbing and crying as tears and snot ran down her face. Cleft never looked at her once as he returned to his position. Bella hung her head in shame as she quickly skirted forward. The next squire in line was Leo. The fox had a nasty looking grin as he watched Bella approach. When Bella got close, Leo jumped out and clawed at Bella’s front and tore into the line of buttons on her blouse. Bella had to reach up and cling to the remains of her clothing before it fell off.


Leo laughing: “You have no dedication to the way of the knight!”


Leo chortled at Bella as she continued her march forward. Bella was at the lowest she had ever been. Insulted and now humiliated, she continued. Bella was now closing in on the throne. Upon the throne Lord sat with his normal demeanor. The only thing different was the fact that Baxter was sitting at Lord’s right side with the king’s paw on his head. Bella walked up to the Throne, clutching her clothes and doing her best to hide the torment she just endured. Baxter stared directly at her and smiled as he spoke.


Baxter: “You don’t deserve to be a knight.”           


At that moment Bella’s mind went blank. Her entire being began to collapse. She felt as if she was falling down a blackened well of her own consciousness. Deeper and deeper she would fall until there was nothing left to see. She could only feel the icy waters begin to weigh her above. Finally, with no energy left she hit the bottom of nothingness. It was a cold empty place with only pain to remind her that she was alive. She lay there contemplating the effort it would take to climb back out, and if she even possessed the ability. It was there that Bella wished. Wished with all her might for a chance. An opportunity to change it all. A strength she never possessed. Bella got her wish in the form of a tiny speck of light barely visible in the void of darkness. Bella scrambled to push away what she couldn’t see until finally she reached the tiny grain of sand sized light. It was barely there, but it did exist. It was for this tiny speck that Bella decided life was worth fighting for, and she began to climb. Crawling and pulling with everything she had, pain echoing throughout her body as she moved back up the well. Nothing was going to stop her, or her new light. It would take what felt like an eternity, but Bella finally saw the light above the well. The light only pushed her harder to survive, she was determined now to pull herself free no matter the cost. Finally pulling herself out of the well, Bella could feel a hardened rain. It didn’t matter, she was free. Bella started to run, and never stopped. The husky snapped out of her daze and let go of her fear. She stopped clutching tightly to the dignity she thought she had and glared back at Baxter.


Bella: “You. Of all the people, you don’t get to tell me that. Not from a snot nosed brat like you! BARK YOU!”


Bella turned to the crowd and raised a single finger as she yelled.




Bella spun back to face Lord and Baxter with a deadly resolve.


Bella: “If you won’t give me what I want. I’m going to take it, Baxter. I WANT MY FA….”


What could Bella have done to deserve this? With only one last chapter to go the book is on it’s final countdown to being done! I hope you’re all as excited as I am!

-Silver the Bard. If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.

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