Corgi Knight Book debut! Yin X Yang.


Corgi Knight Yin X Yang: Authors Edition has hit the bookshelves of Amazon!


I’m proud to present my first novel to you readers! It’s taken a year of work, but it all feels worth it now!


This is the Authors Edition, with only the necessary editing done. Every controversial part has been left in, and the original format is intact. There will be an official release along with the art portfolio next year, but for a limited time you’ll have access to the works before the live marketing campaign.


I released this version by request of my fans/friends/family. It’s been a real hurdle writing this book, especially with my dyslexia. But those close to me deserve to see it at what I believe is the “Original”.


I also want to personally thank those of you who are scribed to this blog! You’ll find a direct reference in this edition to all of you, if you look hard enough! 😉


So, this holiday season pass on the gift of chivalry!

Bring Corgi Knight Yin X Yang home to your friends and family!

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m having some amazing  holidays! And you should too!.”


Corgi Knight Is growing!


Over the last five months, Corgi Knight has had far too many man hours to count put into its production and from many different sources. Let’s take a look at some of them and meet the new faces working on world crafting.

The updated Luterra map above comes from Megasploo, over at

His new map creation program is excellent for keeping track of any fictional geography. Werther it be for a book, or a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. As of this post, it is on sale for 20$! Go grab it before it comes out of early access!




SimonAdventure is giving us a taste of their talent over at:

Look forward to a big section of their work in the upcoming Corgi Knight art portfolio!



Nobel Batterfly is showing off his object skills with his designs that will be making their way onto the covers of the Corgi Knight books. Go check them out at:


Tristan Lee is giving us a magnificent look into the multiple environments of Luterra itself. He can be found at:






Sachi Saba is creating an entire line of chibi art for the Corgi Knight characters. She even has a few up them up for sale on her redbubble!




Knux4000 has a unique talent for pixel art and has given the characters from Corgi Knight a new prospective.




Corgi Knight wouldn’t be the same without Henry Schumann. So were getting plenty more from him!

Don’t forget to check on the updates to his comic Flyp!




Annalicia Valle is still working on bringing us the newest in oddities and monstrosities! Go check her out at:


While the corgi knight art crew continues to steadily grow, we are also bringing in several other people soon to help with the organization of the book itself.

But wait! This isn’t the exciting news that was mentioned in the previous post! We still have a bombshell of an announcement coming soon! So keep your eyes on the Corgi!

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

So you have finished writing the book…now what?


You’ve put in the time, and now your face to face with the hundreds of pages that you’ve slaved over to create a magnificent story. You feel complete with your existence as an author…


Until the Editor comes with their LOGIC, and REASONING! To chop up your masterpiece into little pieces and point out every little flaw.


The first book of corgi knight has reached the phase of completing its first draft, and I would like to share with you some of the steps it took to get there.


Before your work can become a first draft, it will be a rough draft. Akin to vomit on a paper, it will be the mashup of information that your brain spews forth page after page. But even in its awkward Frankenstein’s monster state, you will regard it with contentment. It’s time to hand it over to the four horsemen of Editing:


Copy/Line Editor:

These guys go over your work with a fine-tooth comb to spot grammar, syntax and punctuation errors. They are the first people to check the coherency of your work.  We all have a set idea of what something is in our head, Copy/Line Editors make certain that we are correctly able to communicate that idea.


Developmental Editor:

Now that your idea can reach an audience, it’s time to organize it in the best possible way. The Developmental Editor is there to make suggestions on your content. It’s layout, organization, market viability, and relatability to your audience. These guys will probably be the biggest butcher of your content.


Substantive Editor:

With clarity and shape of your idea, you should now have a manuscript! The Substantive Editor is all about the movement of your information. All information has a flow, even your story. These guys should also be asking the hard questions challenging your content and its consistency. If the Developmental Editors are the butcher, these guys are the cooks. They are there to create a tasty and satisfying story.


Proofreading Editor:

This is the last and final step of editing. These guys are there to catch the inevitable differenced that will be created by shifting your content though the other editors. They must do a little bit of everything but polishing up the story is their goal, not changing it. A good tip for proofreading is that YOU should always be the final proofreader. After your editors get though doing their work, it’s still your responsibility in the end. What goes up on the shelf will reflect upon you.



Keep tuned in! In the next few weeks there will be an exciting update for the Corgi Knight book!

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”