Corgi Knight Is growing!


Over the last five months, Corgi Knight has had far too many man hours to count put into its production and from many different sources. Let’s take a look at some of them and meet the new faces working on world crafting.

The updated Luterra map above comes from Megasploo, over at

His new map creation program is excellent for keeping track of any fictional geography. Werther it be for a book, or a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. As of this post, it is on sale for 20$! Go grab it before it comes out of early access!




SimonAdventure is giving us a taste of their talent over at:

Look forward to a big section of their work in the upcoming Corgi Knight art portfolio!



Nobel Batterfly is showing off his object skills with his designs that will be making their way onto the covers of the Corgi Knight books. Go check them out at:


Tristan Lee is giving us a magnificent look into the multiple environments of Luterra itself. He can be found at:






Sachi Saba is creating an entire line of chibi art for the Corgi Knight characters. She even has a few up them up for sale on her redbubble!




Knux4000 has a unique talent for pixel art and has given the characters from Corgi Knight a new prospective.




Corgi Knight wouldn’t be the same without Henry Schumann. So were getting plenty more from him!

Don’t forget to check on the updates to his comic Flyp!




Annalicia Valle is still working on bringing us the newest in oddities and monstrosities! Go check her out at:


While the corgi knight art crew continues to steadily grow, we are also bringing in several other people soon to help with the organization of the book itself.

But wait! This isn’t the exciting news that was mentioned in the previous post! We still have a bombshell of an announcement coming soon! So keep your eyes on the Corgi!

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

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