Malaki, The King of Lies.

With the release of Yin X Yang, it’s time to meet the main antagonist of the first book. Malaki, The King of Lies.

The immortal king Lordren of Dogonna has a dark past that comes with his extended lifespan.  Malaki is a fierce opponent with a strength and agility that surpasses any mortal of Luterra. His natural ability with magic also makes him nearly impossible to catch. For the last five hundred years, Malaki has been obsessed with dethroning his brother and tearing down the dog empire.

Equipped with the Legacy weapon of Lies, a dagger that can duplicate itself, and a thirst for vengeance.  Malaki is a highly intelligent opportunist with an infinite amount of time.


The Dragon looked startled as she quickly spun around and gasped. Lord and the squires did the same and were met with a massive pair of blood red eyes approaching from the darkness.

Dragon: “Malaki is here.”

Lord’s face curled into a wicked sneer at the announcement of the name and he took a ready combat stance. The well around them faded back into view as the dog’s eyes struggled to keep up with the sudden shifting sights. From the stone entrance they could hear a group of people making their way down.

Lord: “Squires! These are not friendly folk coming down for us! Draw your weapons and prepare to fight!”

The squires all wielded their maces and steeled themselves for what came next. An armed troop of dogs, rodent, and hog rushed into view with their weapons at the ready.

Lord: “Squires! Use the entrance as a bottle neck!”

From behind the enemy mercenaries came a blackened form that roared out to the dogs.

Black shade: “BROTHER!”

With a speed that the squires had only seen from Lord himself, the black figure dashed forward and over their heads before any of them had time to react. It moved directly to Lord and attempted to hit him with a flying kick. Lord barely moved out of the way, but the attack left a clear trail in the blue stream he was standing next to. In the light blue glow, the squires could see the form for what it really was; a black Wolf. He stood the same height as Lord and possessed a similar physique. His eyes glowed bloodred, the same as the massive pair they witnessed in the Dragons vision. He wore a dark breastplate that had a wicked looking blade protruding from his heart and wielded two glowing red daggers.


What will become of the squires and the leader of Dogonna? Will one king fall and replaced by another? Find out, In Corgi Knight: Yin X Yang!

-Silver the Bard. If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.

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