Corgi Knight Sneak Peek! (Sendo Magic)

Sendo is one of the few dogs capable of using magic in the land of Luterra. In this sneak peek you get to witness him truly wield the power for the first time. Unfortunately in this moment he forgets the basics of magic.   ” When Sendo reached the surface, he noticed an opening toContinue reading “Corgi Knight Sneak Peek! (Sendo Magic)”

Villainous intent. Tips on writing the person we love to hate.

    I’ve crafted some seriously vile villains over the years. From them I’ve learned a few good guidelines. If you’re having trouble coming up with a convincing villain try out some of these: #1: A villain is just a person with a differing viewpoint than your main characters. One of my greatest Villans wasContinue reading “Villainous intent. Tips on writing the person we love to hate.”

Can’t think of a conflict? Map it out!

  If you think your characters motivation is lacking or unoriginal, try assessing the world around them. In the real world we are influenced by the highest levels of power. From world governments, local government, society and individuals, we all are connected to the conflicts that arise on any of those levels. It’s difficult toContinue reading “Can’t think of a conflict? Map it out!”

Magic? In my writing? It’s more likely than you think.

When choosing to use magic in a fantasy setting it helps to create a functioning system for you to base a spell or magic event off of. Without it, you tend to run into situations where a conflict could be solved by a simple snap of the fingers. Here I have an example of theContinue reading “Magic? In my writing? It’s more likely than you think.”

What is Corgi Knight?

  Corgi knight is my response to the question: “How do you become a man?”. Three months ago I was approached by an English teacher at my college while I was having a loud debate with my friends about controversial subjects in our western society. I don’t mind voicing my opinion but it does sometimesContinue reading “What is Corgi Knight?”

King Lord.

Meet Lord. King of Dogonna, the White Wolf. Age: Old enough to know better. Gender: Male Race: Wolf Hometown/Region/Country: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown? Height: 1.9 Meters. Occupation: Public figurehead. King. Ruler. All around great guy. Likes: Dogonna, His people, Government, Exercise, Vacations, Technology, Comedy, Those little teeny tiny weenies on toothpicks. Favorite music: The Wanted –Continue reading “King Lord.”

Ed Howlard.

    Meet Ed Howlard. Age: 26 Gender: Male Race: Dog (Great Dane) Hometown/Region/Country: Pumice Point, Dogonna, Luterra. Height: 2.1 Meters. Occupation: King’s squire. Likes: Things, Stuff, People, Places. Favorite music: Sia – Alive It’s The Giant himself! Formally a combatant in the Command Pits, Ed was forced to retire after his defeat to The FleaContinue reading “Ed Howlard.”

Cleft Barkley.

Meet Cleft Barkley. Age: 23 Gender: Male Race: Hyena Hometown/Region/Country: Lemonwood, Ziguiza, Grand Plains. Height: 1.8 Meters. Occupation: King’s squire. Likes: Sports, People Watching, Reading, Relaxing, Soap Making. Favorite music: Delta Heavy – Ghost Cleft is the right guy in the wrong situation. Originally an outlaw of Dogonna, Cleft was recruited by Baxter when heContinue reading “Cleft Barkley.”

Sendo Dogami.

Meet Sendo Dagami. Age: 21 Gender: Male Race: Dog (Shiba) Hometown/Region/Country: Hexin, Dogonna, Luterra. Height: 1.47 Meters. Occupation: King’s squire. Likes: Board Games, Books, Girls, Magic, Inventing new things, Debate, Taking things apart, Going fast. Favorite music: Initial D – Night of Fire Sendo Dogami is part of the .05% of the dog population thatContinue reading “Sendo Dogami.”

Leo BoneReguard.

Meet Leo BoneReguard Age: 21 Gender: Male Race: Dog (Fox) Hometown/Region/Country: High Moon, Dogonna, Luterra. Height: 1.6 Meters. Occupation: King’s squire. Likes: Girls, Parties, Money, Booze, Mirrors. Favorite music: Ylvis – The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) Meet Leo the silver tongued of the group. Previously the leader of the street group The SilverContinue reading “Leo BoneReguard.”