Corgi Knight Sneak Peek! (Bella’s fall)

I apologize for my absence of posting lately, medical issues have kept me from doing what I love. But I did see an excellent opportunity to showcase a major plot point for Bella! Lets take a sneak peek! ______________________________________________________________________________________   The familiar carpet she fell upon was the same as the one that stretched outContinue reading “Corgi Knight Sneak Peek! (Bella’s fall)”

Silver’s top 10 ways to combat writer’s block!

Writer’s block is a challenge every story bound mind will eventually run into. That dreaded wall of blank nothing that seems to hold us at bay from our goal. Well, Silver is here to give you some tips and tricks to get around that dastardly unseen barrier.   #1: Move away from monotony. It’s comfortContinue reading “Silver’s top 10 ways to combat writer’s block!”

Art? Yeah I like art.

Want to meet the artists behind the Corgi Knight character concepts? Oh I know you do. ~Henry Schumann Illustrator, Comic Artist, Designer.✨ Webcomic: @flyphq Brasília-DF/ Brazil Amazing work of his own and is currently crafting a comic called Flyp! Go check him out! Maybe he can help you with your own next project!  Continue reading “Art? Yeah I like art.”

Controversiality in writing.

  I recently was asked an opinion on a highly controversial piece written by a budding artist. They had questioned if putting in concepts like human trafficking, cult activities, racism, rape victims and genocide. They were afraid that writing about these topics were going to offend someone or get them blacklisted. This was my response:Continue reading “Controversiality in writing.”

Villainous intent. Tips on writing the person we love to hate.

    I’ve crafted some seriously vile villains over the years. From them I’ve learned a few good guidelines. If you’re having trouble coming up with a convincing villain try out some of these: #1: A villain is just a person with a differing viewpoint than your main characters. One of my greatest Villans wasContinue reading “Villainous intent. Tips on writing the person we love to hate.”

Baxter Pawson.

Meet Baxter Pawson. Age: 17 Gender: Male Race: Dog (Corgi) Hometown/Region/Country: High Moon, Dogonna, Luterra. Height: 1.4 Meters. (1.4444444 into infinity. If you really must count. ) Occupation: King’s squire. Likes: Appetizers, Condiments, Confectionery, Desserts, Dips, Dried foods, Dumplings Noodles, Pies, Sandwiches, Sauces, Snack foods, Soups, Stews and Chivalry. Favorite music: Italobrothers – Stamp OnContinue reading “Baxter Pawson.”