Fantasy VS Witchcraft!

Is Fantasy considered Witchcraft?

         Growing up, every kid in my class had either heard, read, or seen Harry Potter.

Harry Potter was and still is the “It” movie. My class took a field trip to Harry Potter world at Universal, and I was so excited to ride the castle ride with my friend, until she said her mother wouldn’t allow her to. I thought it was weird since Harry Potter was such a loved and magical movie. She told me the reason her mother wouldn’t let her watch or even get near anything Harry Potter was because it was ‘Witch Craft”, meaning every single fantasy movie or book that I liked, I couldn’t show my friend because it had magic within its contents.

            There’s a bad rep with some parents when it comes to the Fantasy genre because of the magic within it. The conflict between magic in fantasy and whether it’s bad or considered “witch craft”, is very prevalent within strict parent households. I had asked my friend’s mother why she wasn’t allowed to like magic or magical things, and she said it was because “All magic is evil, and the devil owns it.” It’s a strange concept though, because my friend could watch the anime “Full Metal Alchemist,” which some might argue is very close to magic. Alchemy is a science that makes the impossible real, but the only difference between that and magic, is that it’s not really used in many fantasy books. All fantasy books use some sort of magic, but alchemy is a special kind of science that’s unique to its own self. But the real issue is that there are a lot of kids who aren’t allowed to read or watch about these amazing magical worlds because some parents think magic is evil, when they really don’t understand what it’s about.  Magic is no different than science, in the way that they both can make anything happen, good or bad. This day and age everyone should be allowed to watch or read fantasy, especially kids. Kids need to know that reading or watching anything about magic is okay, and that being creative and having imagination isn’t “witch craft” or an “Evil” thing, but a fun thing!

            Reading a fantasy book is no different than reading a science fiction book. But because some fantasy books use the words “magic” and “witches”, it turns a lot of extreme people off, particularly religious people. We as people should not be so scared of fantasy and magic, to the point where we won’t even allow children to explore this amazing and creative genre. Instead all kids should be given the chance to explore these majestic magical worlds, and to let their creativity flow. But the first step into making this happen, is to change the view on fantasy.

If you’ve grown up with a taste for fantasy, situations like these are not uncommon to you. It leads into the question of what constitutes as good and evil?

Who makes the decisions on what is good magic and what is bad magic? People? A church? A religion? A nation? Whomever you are and whatever you’re writing about, if it’s fantasy, it’s magic. And I would hope that no matter what forces may push against you, you continue to write anyways. The only way we will get to the bottom of this magic mystery is by continued experimentation and exploration.

Go write something magical!

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

-Majestic_Ness: “Don’t cry about dreams that don’t come true today. Sometimes ya needs ta try another way!”

Lets start a dialogue!

Writing Realistic Dialogue

Meghan bit her lip. “Are you sure it’s folklore?” The other girl shrugged. “I mean, Lunar’s seem pretty religious, but…” the girl’s eyes widened as she took in Meghan. “Are you Lunar too? I’m so sorry, I just assumed, but like, I shouldn’t assume!” Meghan laughed, putting the Earthen girl at ease. “I’m not Lunar by birth, no. But I’ve lived here my entire life. You can call me Meghan,” she put a hand out and the Earthen gave it a friendly shake. “Terry. It’s nice to meet you.”

One of the many things that takes a little time and effort to master? Dialogue. It’s a simple enough concept, but when done right, your reader is able to fully immerse themselves into the tale of your swashbuckling heroine and her steadfast sidekick. When dialogue is written poorly however, the entire piece can scream ‘amateur’ and you’ve lost your audience before you’ve got the chance to introduce them to the sea monster in chapter two!

Why is it that something so mundane can make or break your story? Dialogue is simply communication. Whether or not the interacting characters are speaking of important or relevant concerns, what’s said and what’s not said advances (or enhances) the plot and delivers information to the reader. It gives your story credibility and makes your characters more human. Huzzah! These fictional people are now relatable and look, we’re now extremely invested in their adventure!

So, how does one go about writing realistic dialogue? You might assume that you just have to keep working at it, writing forever until boom, your heroine no longer reads as if she has no personality despite fighting for her life against the monster in chapter two. Before you even think about cranking out another sentence, let me share the best advice I’ve ever been given: listen to the people around you, and take notes. As you go about your day and pass people at the bus stop, waiting in line at Starbucks, or before your night class starts, take a moment and truly listen. You’d be amazed at how much you can learn about people from a small snippet of their conversation, like their relationship to the person they’re conversing with or even their current mood!

Also be certain to take into account your target audience. Getting a little research in on how they talk and the mannerisms they have while communicating. A little time invested goes a long way to making your dialogue feel natural and alive.

While the notes you take don’t have to be physical ones, you’re more likely to remember if you jot them down in a notebook or in your phone. Writing is a craft, and dialogue is one of the many tools that help sharpen this craft.

-Rouge Robin: “Go forth, seek all, and conquer it!”

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

Malaki, The King of Lies.

With the release of Yin X Yang, it’s time to meet the main antagonist of the first book. Malaki, The King of Lies.

The immortal king Lordren of Dogonna has a dark past that comes with his extended lifespan.  Malaki is a fierce opponent with a strength and agility that surpasses any mortal of Luterra. His natural ability with magic also makes him nearly impossible to catch. For the last five hundred years, Malaki has been obsessed with dethroning his brother and tearing down the dog empire.

Equipped with the Legacy weapon of Lies, a dagger that can duplicate itself, and a thirst for vengeance.  Malaki is a highly intelligent opportunist with an infinite amount of time.


The Dragon looked startled as she quickly spun around and gasped. Lord and the squires did the same and were met with a massive pair of blood red eyes approaching from the darkness.

Dragon: “Malaki is here.”

Lord’s face curled into a wicked sneer at the announcement of the name and he took a ready combat stance. The well around them faded back into view as the dog’s eyes struggled to keep up with the sudden shifting sights. From the stone entrance they could hear a group of people making their way down.

Lord: “Squires! These are not friendly folk coming down for us! Draw your weapons and prepare to fight!”

The squires all wielded their maces and steeled themselves for what came next. An armed troop of dogs, rodent, and hog rushed into view with their weapons at the ready.

Lord: “Squires! Use the entrance as a bottle neck!”

From behind the enemy mercenaries came a blackened form that roared out to the dogs.

Black shade: “BROTHER!”

With a speed that the squires had only seen from Lord himself, the black figure dashed forward and over their heads before any of them had time to react. It moved directly to Lord and attempted to hit him with a flying kick. Lord barely moved out of the way, but the attack left a clear trail in the blue stream he was standing next to. In the light blue glow, the squires could see the form for what it really was; a black Wolf. He stood the same height as Lord and possessed a similar physique. His eyes glowed bloodred, the same as the massive pair they witnessed in the Dragons vision. He wore a dark breastplate that had a wicked looking blade protruding from his heart and wielded two glowing red daggers.


What will become of the squires and the leader of Dogonna? Will one king fall and replaced by another? Find out, In Corgi Knight: Yin X Yang!

-Silver the Bard. If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.

Corgi Knight Book debut! Yin X Yang.


Corgi Knight Yin X Yang: Authors Edition has hit the bookshelves of Amazon!


I’m proud to present my first novel to you readers! It’s taken a year of work, but it all feels worth it now!


This is the Authors Edition, with only the necessary editing done. Every controversial part has been left in, and the original format is intact. There will be an official release along with the art portfolio next year, but for a limited time you’ll have access to the works before the live marketing campaign.


I released this version by request of my fans/friends/family. It’s been a real hurdle writing this book, especially with my dyslexia. But those close to me deserve to see it at what I believe is the “Original”.


I also want to personally thank those of you who are scribed to this blog! You’ll find a direct reference in this edition to all of you, if you look hard enough! 😉


So, this holiday season pass on the gift of chivalry!

Bring Corgi Knight Yin X Yang home to your friends and family!

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m having some amazing  holidays! And you should too!.”

Corgi Knight Is growing!


Over the last five months, Corgi Knight has had far too many man hours to count put into its production and from many different sources. Let’s take a look at some of them and meet the new faces working on world crafting.

The updated Luterra map above comes from Megasploo, over at

His new map creation program is excellent for keeping track of any fictional geography. Werther it be for a book, or a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. As of this post, it is on sale for 20$! Go grab it before it comes out of early access!




SimonAdventure is giving us a taste of their talent over at:

Look forward to a big section of their work in the upcoming Corgi Knight art portfolio!



Nobel Batterfly is showing off his object skills with his designs that will be making their way onto the covers of the Corgi Knight books. Go check them out at:


Tristan Lee is giving us a magnificent look into the multiple environments of Luterra itself. He can be found at:






Sachi Saba is creating an entire line of chibi art for the Corgi Knight characters. She even has a few up them up for sale on her redbubble!




Knux4000 has a unique talent for pixel art and has given the characters from Corgi Knight a new prospective.




Corgi Knight wouldn’t be the same without Henry Schumann. So were getting plenty more from him!

Don’t forget to check on the updates to his comic Flyp!




Annalicia Valle is still working on bringing us the newest in oddities and monstrosities! Go check her out at:


While the corgi knight art crew continues to steadily grow, we are also bringing in several other people soon to help with the organization of the book itself.

But wait! This isn’t the exciting news that was mentioned in the previous post! We still have a bombshell of an announcement coming soon! So keep your eyes on the Corgi!

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

So you have finished writing the book…now what?


You’ve put in the time, and now your face to face with the hundreds of pages that you’ve slaved over to create a magnificent story. You feel complete with your existence as an author…


Until the Editor comes with their LOGIC, and REASONING! To chop up your masterpiece into little pieces and point out every little flaw.


The first book of corgi knight has reached the phase of completing its first draft, and I would like to share with you some of the steps it took to get there.


Before your work can become a first draft, it will be a rough draft. Akin to vomit on a paper, it will be the mashup of information that your brain spews forth page after page. But even in its awkward Frankenstein’s monster state, you will regard it with contentment. It’s time to hand it over to the four horsemen of Editing:


Copy/Line Editor:

These guys go over your work with a fine-tooth comb to spot grammar, syntax and punctuation errors. They are the first people to check the coherency of your work.  We all have a set idea of what something is in our head, Copy/Line Editors make certain that we are correctly able to communicate that idea.


Developmental Editor:

Now that your idea can reach an audience, it’s time to organize it in the best possible way. The Developmental Editor is there to make suggestions on your content. It’s layout, organization, market viability, and relatability to your audience. These guys will probably be the biggest butcher of your content.


Substantive Editor:

With clarity and shape of your idea, you should now have a manuscript! The Substantive Editor is all about the movement of your information. All information has a flow, even your story. These guys should also be asking the hard questions challenging your content and its consistency. If the Developmental Editors are the butcher, these guys are the cooks. They are there to create a tasty and satisfying story.


Proofreading Editor:

This is the last and final step of editing. These guys are there to catch the inevitable differenced that will be created by shifting your content though the other editors. They must do a little bit of everything but polishing up the story is their goal, not changing it. A good tip for proofreading is that YOU should always be the final proofreader. After your editors get though doing their work, it’s still your responsibility in the end. What goes up on the shelf will reflect upon you.



Keep tuned in! In the next few weeks there will be an exciting update for the Corgi Knight book!

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”


Corgi Knight Sneak Peek! (Bella’s fall)


I apologize for my absence of posting lately, medical issues have kept me from doing what I love. But I did see an excellent opportunity to showcase a major plot point for Bella! Lets take a sneak peek!



The familiar carpet she fell upon was the same as the one that stretched out from Lord’s throne room. She was now in the entrance hall at the front of the manor. Two rows of guards stood at attention on the edges of the carpet, none of them were looking very happy at Bella.


Bella: “Uh… Hey guys. Are…”


Guard interrupting: “Your presence is demanded in the throne room.”


Bella shuttered at the cold reception of the guard and sheepishly walked toward the next room. Once past the grand doorway Bella could see that the throne room was packed with guard and civilian alike. The rows of guards continued all the way up to the throne where Lord was sitting. Beyond the guards were crowds of glaring and angry dogs. Each of them Bella recognized from her past. Even Martha stood among them with a distinctive look of shame. Bella’s ears pinned back as she felt complete uncomfortable with the staring masses of people around her. Along the carpet stood the other squires, all in attention but still staring at her. Bella stumbled forward until she got close to Ed. The Great Dane stepped forward and ripped a tassel off Bella’s garments as he spoke.


Ed: “You’re not strong enough to be a knight!”


Ed returned to his attentive stance and continued to glare at Bella. Bella now had a look of complete disbelief. Ed was a friend to her and she had never seen him so serious. Ed continued his glare and growled out a command.


Ed: “Your presence is demanded at the throne.”


Bella could not hold back the tears as she slowly turned to the throne and moved forward. The next squire was Sendo. When Bella passed he spit upon her and muttered under his breath.


Sendo: “You’re not smart enough to be a knight.”


Bella didn’t even look at him, but she did start to sniffle a bit as she felt the spit hit her face. Still she continued forward. Cleft was the next squire, and he couldn’t even force himself to look at Bella. When the husky walked by him stepped forward and ripped another piece off of her uniform.


Cleft: “You lack the grace to be a knight!”


Bella was now sobbing and crying as tears and snot ran down her face. Cleft never looked at her once as he returned to his position. Bella hung her head in shame as she quickly skirted forward. The next squire in line was Leo. The fox had a nasty looking grin as he watched Bella approach. When Bella got close, Leo jumped out and clawed at Bella’s front and tore into the line of buttons on her blouse. Bella had to reach up and cling to the remains of her clothing before it fell off.


Leo laughing: “You have no dedication to the way of the knight!”


Leo chortled at Bella as she continued her march forward. Bella was at the lowest she had ever been. Insulted and now humiliated, she continued. Bella was now closing in on the throne. Upon the throne Lord sat with his normal demeanor. The only thing different was the fact that Baxter was sitting at Lord’s right side with the king’s paw on his head. Bella walked up to the Throne, clutching her clothes and doing her best to hide the torment she just endured. Baxter stared directly at her and smiled as he spoke.


Baxter: “You don’t deserve to be a knight.”           


At that moment Bella’s mind went blank. Her entire being began to collapse. She felt as if she was falling down a blackened well of her own consciousness. Deeper and deeper she would fall until there was nothing left to see. She could only feel the icy waters begin to weigh her above. Finally, with no energy left she hit the bottom of nothingness. It was a cold empty place with only pain to remind her that she was alive. She lay there contemplating the effort it would take to climb back out, and if she even possessed the ability. It was there that Bella wished. Wished with all her might for a chance. An opportunity to change it all. A strength she never possessed. Bella got her wish in the form of a tiny speck of light barely visible in the void of darkness. Bella scrambled to push away what she couldn’t see until finally she reached the tiny grain of sand sized light. It was barely there, but it did exist. It was for this tiny speck that Bella decided life was worth fighting for, and she began to climb. Crawling and pulling with everything she had, pain echoing throughout her body as she moved back up the well. Nothing was going to stop her, or her new light. It would take what felt like an eternity, but Bella finally saw the light above the well. The light only pushed her harder to survive, she was determined now to pull herself free no matter the cost. Finally pulling herself out of the well, Bella could feel a hardened rain. It didn’t matter, she was free. Bella started to run, and never stopped. The husky snapped out of her daze and let go of her fear. She stopped clutching tightly to the dignity she thought she had and glared back at Baxter.


Bella: “You. Of all the people, you don’t get to tell me that. Not from a snot nosed brat like you! BARK YOU!”


Bella turned to the crowd and raised a single finger as she yelled.




Bella spun back to face Lord and Baxter with a deadly resolve.


Bella: “If you won’t give me what I want. I’m going to take it, Baxter. I WANT MY FA….”


What could Bella have done to deserve this? With only one last chapter to go the book is on it’s final countdown to being done! I hope you’re all as excited as I am!

-Silver the Bard. If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.

Rage is for Aggretsuko!


My time as a writer has taught me about many different character faucets. Rage is one of these. Unfortunately rage stereotypically comes in two forms, self-destruction or environmental destruction. Aggretsuko has found a way to present Rage in a productive and comedic way that we as an audience can relate to.


In the show we follow the daily life of Retsuko, an anthropomorphic red panda office worker. Don’t let the cutesy face fool you, the situations she must deal with are complicated and heavy. The show follows along the theme of  rough life situations. For example: corrupt bosses, overbearing work peers, social stress and horrid work environments. But Retsuko has a unique way of blowing off her steam with rage and death metal.


If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll have noticed that teaching moral values with anthropomorphic animals is kind of my shtick. The series is a refreshing slap to the face with a quirky cast of characters and all too real situations that many of us have had to face. I’m particularly impressed with the utilization of rage for the main character, never have I seen it used it such a way.

So go ahead and treat yourself with Aggretsuko on Netflix. And prepare to scream your lungs out.

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

Silver’s top 10 ways to combat writer’s block!


Writer’s block is a challenge every story bound mind will eventually run into. That dreaded wall of blank nothing that seems to hold us at bay from our goal. Well, Silver is here to give you some tips and tricks to get around that dastardly unseen barrier.


#1: Move away from monotony.

It’s comfort that drives us to most places and environments where we write. But it can also create a stale sense of being that will drive us into a writer’s block. Go to a new place to write! A library, coffee shop, school, friend’s house. Changing up the environment can get those creative juices flowing!


#2: Listen to music.

Music is an invaluable resource! It has an amazing effect on both our mental and chemical composition. Fight the writer’s block by taking time to listen and feel a song. If you’re used to listening to a certain type of music while you write, change it up! Find a new or similar genre to spice your mind. And if nobody is looking, go ahead and treat yourself to a dance. I won’t judge.


#3: Don’t forget to eat!

Our brain is a wondrous machine, and it needs fuel. While you charge forward in the world of words, you’re burning energy. Burn too much and you’ll soon start feeling the effects of writer’s block! Don’t skip meals, and if you can, invest in learning proper nutrition. Having a few extra hours a day, in energy, can make a world of difference.


#4: Take breaks in your writing.

None of us are perfect. The brain machine can’t run on all eight cylinders constantly. Take breaks in-between massive writing sessions. 45/15 is a ratio I practice for stomping out writer’s block. Forty-five minutes of work, and fifteen minutes of rest. When you take breaks, make certain you are taking your mind completely away from the work. None of that half in, half out thinking with your mind!


#5: Discuss your latest piece of work.

Humans are social creatures; shouldn’t our ideas be too? Think back to the last paragraph, chapter, blurb you just wrote and start asking hypothetical questions about it to your peers. Use text, chat, phone, verbal, whatever it takes to bounce some of these ideas off them and back to you! You might find that the writer’s block monster is easily subdued with a little friendly effort.

#6: Take time to refocus.

We all got into writing for our own separate reasons. It’s also easy to forget those reasons during the journey. Writer’s block is notorious for covering up our intentions. Take time to sit back and make a list of why you write. Even if you decide to change them halfway through the journey, it’s still good to have a solid list nearby of what they are.


#7: Go exercise!

The mind and body work in tandem. Yes, the mind is doing most of the hauling while writing, but that doesn’t mean you should completely neglect the other half of the machine! Bust the writer’s block by busting your buns, or taking a run, or lifting some weight. Some amount of physical activity each day will help stretch the creative process to its max.


#8: Work on a hobby.

We are far too complex creatures to only put our creative energy into one outlet. Hobbies build character and shape who we are. Make certain you’re finding other outlets for your creativity besides writing. Remember: Hobbies should be more fun than work!


#9: Go explore other people’s creative content!

“Wait a minute Silver, that could lead to stealing!” – anonymous

Only if you let it. We are a massive collective of life and information. There will be some instances of crossing creative genius no matter how hard we try to avoid it. That’s just the nature of information. More than likely what will happen is you’ll find some awesome content that will push back the writer’s block wall and discover a new portion of your own content that was already there. And if you find some new amazing that mixes well with your own? Just ask if you can use it, most people love sharing.


#10: Know when to stop.

This one might think it to be common sense, but I’ve personally witnessed people drive themselves into a writer’s block stupor just by trying to push through their own pride. Know and calculate how much work you can do in a day and stick close to it. It’s ok to exercise your ability and push it further sometimes but slamming your nose to the grindstone constantly will just delude your content. Stop, return to being a human for the rest of the day, and tomorrow you can resume your computer like crusade as a writer.


-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

The mini boss appears!

Vol’Dume the Blight of Luterra.

crawling skull black nbg

In Cogi Knight you get a chance to take a look at Lord’s past. It’s revealed that much of his power was gained when he was forced to defend his people against the threat of Vol’Dume, a giant sized insect that consumed everything it it’s path. Vol’Dume is long since defeated in the book, but pieces of the creature still haunt the present day.

Malaki: “Ok! It’s little ones are spread out enough! If we charge it now we can take it down before they all return!”

The other knights looked uncomfortable and hesitant with commands from Malaki. He wasn’t their leader anymore.

Malaki: “Oh what now!? It’s a perfect plan!”

Malaki noticed the group all looking toward Lordren for his input.

Malaki: “You really think my little brother is capable of leading us!? INTO THIS?”

Lordren was busy studying the giant creature. A plan of action whirling through his head.

Malaki: “Oh, COME ON!”

Lordren: “I think we should wait a little further on the cliff face here and drop down on it from above.”

Malaki: “That’s suicide! The rest of it’s forces will collect together in the canyon and we’ll have to fight all of them!”

None of the knights were listening to Malaki, instead they discussed the merit of Lordren’s suggestion. Malaki was now on a rage fueled edged, he walked right up to his brother and lifted him by the chainmail till they were eye to eye.

Malaki: “Were not going to wait! Give them the order LORDREN! The time is NOW!”

– A crucial conversation between the knights of Dogonna.

If you enjoy the enemy concept art, go say hi to Annalicia Valle over at:    

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

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