So you have finished writing the book…now what?


You’ve put in the time, and now your face to face with the hundreds of pages that you’ve slaved over to create a magnificent story. You feel complete with your existence as an author…


Until the Editor comes with their LOGIC, and REASONING! To chop up your masterpiece into little pieces and point out every little flaw.


The first book of corgi knight has reached the phase of completing its first draft, and I would like to share with you some of the steps it took to get there.


Before your work can become a first draft, it will be a rough draft. Akin to vomit on a paper, it will be the mashup of information that your brain spews forth page after page. But even in its awkward Frankenstein’s monster state, you will regard it with contentment. It’s time to hand it over to the four horsemen of Editing:


Copy/Line Editor:

These guys go over your work with a fine-tooth comb to spot grammar, syntax and punctuation errors. They are the first people to check the coherency of your work.  We all have a set idea of what something is in our head, Copy/Line Editors make certain that we are correctly able to communicate that idea.


Developmental Editor:

Now that your idea can reach an audience, it’s time to organize it in the best possible way. The Developmental Editor is there to make suggestions on your content. It’s layout, organization, market viability, and relatability to your audience. These guys will probably be the biggest butcher of your content.


Substantive Editor:

With clarity and shape of your idea, you should now have a manuscript! The Substantive Editor is all about the movement of your information. All information has a flow, even your story. These guys should also be asking the hard questions challenging your content and its consistency. If the Developmental Editors are the butcher, these guys are the cooks. They are there to create a tasty and satisfying story.


Proofreading Editor:

This is the last and final step of editing. These guys are there to catch the inevitable differenced that will be created by shifting your content though the other editors. They must do a little bit of everything but polishing up the story is their goal, not changing it. A good tip for proofreading is that YOU should always be the final proofreader. After your editors get though doing their work, it’s still your responsibility in the end. What goes up on the shelf will reflect upon you.



Keep tuned in! In the next few weeks there will be an exciting update for the Corgi Knight book!

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”


Corgi Knight Sneak Peek! (Bella’s fall)


I apologize for my absence of posting lately, medical issues have kept me from doing what I love. But I did see an excellent opportunity to showcase a major plot point for Bella! Lets take a sneak peek!



The familiar carpet she fell upon was the same as the one that stretched out from Lord’s throne room. She was now in the entrance hall at the front of the manor. Two rows of guards stood at attention on the edges of the carpet, none of them were looking very happy at Bella.


Bella: “Uh… Hey guys. Are…”


Guard interrupting: “Your presence is demanded in the throne room.”


Bella shuttered at the cold reception of the guard and sheepishly walked toward the next room. Once past the grand doorway Bella could see that the throne room was packed with guard and civilian alike. The rows of guards continued all the way up to the throne where Lord was sitting. Beyond the guards were crowds of glaring and angry dogs. Each of them Bella recognized from her past. Even Martha stood among them with a distinctive look of shame. Bella’s ears pinned back as she felt complete uncomfortable with the staring masses of people around her. Along the carpet stood the other squires, all in attention but still staring at her. Bella stumbled forward until she got close to Ed. The Great Dane stepped forward and ripped a tassel off Bella’s garments as he spoke.


Ed: “You’re not strong enough to be a knight!”


Ed returned to his attentive stance and continued to glare at Bella. Bella now had a look of complete disbelief. Ed was a friend to her and she had never seen him so serious. Ed continued his glare and growled out a command.


Ed: “Your presence is demanded at the throne.”


Bella could not hold back the tears as she slowly turned to the throne and moved forward. The next squire was Sendo. When Bella passed he spit upon her and muttered under his breath.


Sendo: “You’re not smart enough to be a knight.”


Bella didn’t even look at him, but she did start to sniffle a bit as she felt the spit hit her face. Still she continued forward. Cleft was the next squire, and he couldn’t even force himself to look at Bella. When the husky walked by him stepped forward and ripped another piece off of her uniform.


Cleft: “You lack the grace to be a knight!”


Bella was now sobbing and crying as tears and snot ran down her face. Cleft never looked at her once as he returned to his position. Bella hung her head in shame as she quickly skirted forward. The next squire in line was Leo. The fox had a nasty looking grin as he watched Bella approach. When Bella got close, Leo jumped out and clawed at Bella’s front and tore into the line of buttons on her blouse. Bella had to reach up and cling to the remains of her clothing before it fell off.


Leo laughing: “You have no dedication to the way of the knight!”


Leo chortled at Bella as she continued her march forward. Bella was at the lowest she had ever been. Insulted and now humiliated, she continued. Bella was now closing in on the throne. Upon the throne Lord sat with his normal demeanor. The only thing different was the fact that Baxter was sitting at Lord’s right side with the king’s paw on his head. Bella walked up to the Throne, clutching her clothes and doing her best to hide the torment she just endured. Baxter stared directly at her and smiled as he spoke.


Baxter: “You don’t deserve to be a knight.”           


At that moment Bella’s mind went blank. Her entire being began to collapse. She felt as if she was falling down a blackened well of her own consciousness. Deeper and deeper she would fall until there was nothing left to see. She could only feel the icy waters begin to weigh her above. Finally, with no energy left she hit the bottom of nothingness. It was a cold empty place with only pain to remind her that she was alive. She lay there contemplating the effort it would take to climb back out, and if she even possessed the ability. It was there that Bella wished. Wished with all her might for a chance. An opportunity to change it all. A strength she never possessed. Bella got her wish in the form of a tiny speck of light barely visible in the void of darkness. Bella scrambled to push away what she couldn’t see until finally she reached the tiny grain of sand sized light. It was barely there, but it did exist. It was for this tiny speck that Bella decided life was worth fighting for, and she began to climb. Crawling and pulling with everything she had, pain echoing throughout her body as she moved back up the well. Nothing was going to stop her, or her new light. It would take what felt like an eternity, but Bella finally saw the light above the well. The light only pushed her harder to survive, she was determined now to pull herself free no matter the cost. Finally pulling herself out of the well, Bella could feel a hardened rain. It didn’t matter, she was free. Bella started to run, and never stopped. The husky snapped out of her daze and let go of her fear. She stopped clutching tightly to the dignity she thought she had and glared back at Baxter.


Bella: “You. Of all the people, you don’t get to tell me that. Not from a snot nosed brat like you! BARK YOU!”


Bella turned to the crowd and raised a single finger as she yelled.




Bella spun back to face Lord and Baxter with a deadly resolve.


Bella: “If you won’t give me what I want. I’m going to take it, Baxter. I WANT MY FA….”


What could Bella have done to deserve this? With only one last chapter to go the book is on it’s final countdown to being done! I hope you’re all as excited as I am!

-Silver the Bard. If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.

Rage is for Aggretsuko!


My time as a writer has taught me about many different character faucets. Rage is one of these. Unfortunately rage stereotypically comes in two forms, self-destruction or environmental destruction. Aggretsuko has found a way to present Rage in a productive and comedic way that we as an audience can relate to.


In the show we follow the daily life of Retsuko, an anthropomorphic red panda office worker. Don’t let the cutesy face fool you, the situations she must deal with are complicated and heavy. The show follows along the theme of  rough life situations. For example: corrupt bosses, overbearing work peers, social stress and horrid work environments. But Retsuko has a unique way of blowing off her steam with rage and death metal.


If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll have noticed that teaching moral values with anthropomorphic animals is kind of my shtick. The series is a refreshing slap to the face with a quirky cast of characters and all too real situations that many of us have had to face. I’m particularly impressed with the utilization of rage for the main character, never have I seen it used it such a way.

So go ahead and treat yourself with Aggretsuko on Netflix. And prepare to scream your lungs out.

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

Silver’s top 10 ways to combat writer’s block!


Writer’s block is a challenge every story bound mind will eventually run into. That dreaded wall of blank nothing that seems to hold us at bay from our goal. Well, Silver is here to give you some tips and tricks to get around that dastardly unseen barrier.


#1: Move away from monotony.

It’s comfort that drives us to most places and environments where we write. But it can also create a stale sense of being that will drive us into a writer’s block. Go to a new place to write! A library, coffee shop, school, friend’s house. Changing up the environment can get those creative juices flowing!


#2: Listen to music.

Music is an invaluable resource! It has an amazing effect on both our mental and chemical composition. Fight the writer’s block by taking time to listen and feel a song. If you’re used to listening to a certain type of music while you write, change it up! Find a new or similar genre to spice your mind. And if nobody is looking, go ahead and treat yourself to a dance. I won’t judge.


#3: Don’t forget to eat!

Our brain is a wondrous machine, and it needs fuel. While you charge forward in the world of words, you’re burning energy. Burn too much and you’ll soon start feeling the effects of writer’s block! Don’t skip meals, and if you can, invest in learning proper nutrition. Having a few extra hours a day, in energy, can make a world of difference.


#4: Take breaks in your writing.

None of us are perfect. The brain machine can’t run on all eight cylinders constantly. Take breaks in-between massive writing sessions. 45/15 is a ratio I practice for stomping out writer’s block. Forty-five minutes of work, and fifteen minutes of rest. When you take breaks, make certain you are taking your mind completely away from the work. None of that half in, half out thinking with your mind!


#5: Discuss your latest piece of work.

Humans are social creatures; shouldn’t our ideas be too? Think back to the last paragraph, chapter, blurb you just wrote and start asking hypothetical questions about it to your peers. Use text, chat, phone, verbal, whatever it takes to bounce some of these ideas off them and back to you! You might find that the writer’s block monster is easily subdued with a little friendly effort.

#6: Take time to refocus.

We all got into writing for our own separate reasons. It’s also easy to forget those reasons during the journey. Writer’s block is notorious for covering up our intentions. Take time to sit back and make a list of why you write. Even if you decide to change them halfway through the journey, it’s still good to have a solid list nearby of what they are.


#7: Go exercise!

The mind and body work in tandem. Yes, the mind is doing most of the hauling while writing, but that doesn’t mean you should completely neglect the other half of the machine! Bust the writer’s block by busting your buns, or taking a run, or lifting some weight. Some amount of physical activity each day will help stretch the creative process to its max.


#8: Work on a hobby.

We are far too complex creatures to only put our creative energy into one outlet. Hobbies build character and shape who we are. Make certain you’re finding other outlets for your creativity besides writing. Remember: Hobbies should be more fun than work!


#9: Go explore other people’s creative content!

“Wait a minute Silver, that could lead to stealing!” – anonymous

Only if you let it. We are a massive collective of life and information. There will be some instances of crossing creative genius no matter how hard we try to avoid it. That’s just the nature of information. More than likely what will happen is you’ll find some awesome content that will push back the writer’s block wall and discover a new portion of your own content that was already there. And if you find some new amazing that mixes well with your own? Just ask if you can use it, most people love sharing.


#10: Know when to stop.

This one might think it to be common sense, but I’ve personally witnessed people drive themselves into a writer’s block stupor just by trying to push through their own pride. Know and calculate how much work you can do in a day and stick close to it. It’s ok to exercise your ability and push it further sometimes but slamming your nose to the grindstone constantly will just delude your content. Stop, return to being a human for the rest of the day, and tomorrow you can resume your computer like crusade as a writer.


-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

The mini boss appears!

Vol’Dume the Blight of Luterra.

crawling skull black nbg

In Cogi Knight you get a chance to take a look at Lord’s past. It’s revealed that much of his power was gained when he was forced to defend his people against the threat of Vol’Dume, a giant sized insect that consumed everything it it’s path. Vol’Dume is long since defeated in the book, but pieces of the creature still haunt the present day.

Malaki: “Ok! It’s little ones are spread out enough! If we charge it now we can take it down before they all return!”

The other knights looked uncomfortable and hesitant with commands from Malaki. He wasn’t their leader anymore.

Malaki: “Oh what now!? It’s a perfect plan!”

Malaki noticed the group all looking toward Lordren for his input.

Malaki: “You really think my little brother is capable of leading us!? INTO THIS?”

Lordren was busy studying the giant creature. A plan of action whirling through his head.

Malaki: “Oh, COME ON!”

Lordren: “I think we should wait a little further on the cliff face here and drop down on it from above.”

Malaki: “That’s suicide! The rest of it’s forces will collect together in the canyon and we’ll have to fight all of them!”

None of the knights were listening to Malaki, instead they discussed the merit of Lordren’s suggestion. Malaki was now on a rage fueled edged, he walked right up to his brother and lifted him by the chainmail till they were eye to eye.

Malaki: “Were not going to wait! Give them the order LORDREN! The time is NOW!”

– A crucial conversation between the knights of Dogonna.

If you enjoy the enemy concept art, go say hi to Annalicia Valle over at:    

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

Art? Yeah I like art.

Want to meet the artists behind the Corgi Knight character concepts?

Oh I know you do.


~Henry Schumann

Illustrator, Comic Artist, Designer.✨ Webcomic: @flyphq Brasília-DF/ Brazil

Amazing work of his own and is currently crafting a comic called Flyp! Go check him out! Maybe he can help you with your own next project!



Annalicia Valle

freelance digital artist
Miami, United States Minor Outlying Islands
The talent just keeps on growing with the addition of Annalicia! Her monsters and dragons are top notch. Also a pleasantly easy artist to work with. You know you want to hire her.
 Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

Melody the Dragon of Prophecy.


The first concept art of Melody the Dragon of Prophecy is complete!

A secondary character to Corgi Knight, she nevertheless helps the dogs with their quest throughout Luterra.

Melody is a mysterious dragon that appears wherever there are high amounts of magical energy. She is mentioned as a premonition in one of the dog’s dreams but surprises them when she shows up in person. Melody is skilled in an unknown auditory type of magic that she uses on several occasions to assist her allies. She is logical, calculating and bound by an unspoken set of rules.


“With all these rules Melody, are you sure you should be helping us?”

“I’m not sure… But if you only ever follow the rules, nothing changes.”

-A conversation between Lord and Melody.


Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”



Corgi Knight Sneak Peek! (Leo’s Respect)


In today’s sneak peek we get watch as Leo stumbles though a lesson in respect.


While the other squires had the day off, Leo was on bodyguard duty as Lord attended an annual high society ball for the merchant’s guild. The celebration was held at Count Heshrue Barkingtons manor, a wealthy Shih Tzu that had recently opened new trade negotiations with the Feline border towns. The ballroom was lavishly decorated with a wide collection of foreign art pieces from across Luterra. The first few hours of the event were spent listening to a main speaker congratulate several merchants on the raise in Dogonna’s economy and after that a feast was hosted for the guests. Leo was standing and watching Lord from behind when a servant accidentally bumped into the squire, spilling the drinks on a large nearby tray.

Leo: “HEY! Were you even paying attention!?”

Servant: “Oh I’m quite sorry sir!”

Bright red beet juice had spilled down the front of Leo’s blue shirt and was quickly staining into a dark brown.

Leo: “You idiot! That was beet juice wasn’t it!? Don’t you know who I am?”

Servant: “I uh… I’ll get a maid to help… With, err that…”

Leo: “You’d better! I can’t be walking around here with a giant stain across my front! Get moving dumb dumb!”

Lord had stopped his conversation at the table and was watching the interaction between his squire and the servant. The servant quickly left, but as he did Lord could see him rolling his eyes in disgust with Leo’s behavior. Lord decided it was time to intervene.

 Lord: “Leonard. A moment if you will?”

Lord held his paws out, leading Leo to a nearby balcony.

Leo: “Don’t worry about it Lord. That numb skull of a servant just spilled a little juice. But this shirt…”

Lord: “That’s not what I wanted to talk about Leo. I wanted a word with you on respect.”

Leo stopped fussing with his shirt and stared back at Lord.

Lord: “What do you think respect is?”

Leo: “It’s the… Way you’re supposed to treat people when they’re better than you.”

Lord: “And who is deserving of respect?”

Leo: “Like, the crown and parents and military generals and nobles.”

Lord: “Is that why you didn’t respect that servant?”

Leo: “Well, yeah! The guy clearly couldn’t do his job right! I don’t give people respect that don’t deserve it.”

Lord: “Is that why you continue to refer to me on a first name basis?”

Leo stiffened up immediately, he didn’t realize the way he was speaking and it had finally donned on him.

Leo: “No my king. Err, I didn’t mean it that way. You are deserving of respect.”       

Lord: “Respect has nothing to do with a title or prestige. Respect is a measure of what one does for others and themselves. The first rule of respect is that one must be able to give respect before earning respect.”

Leo: “What about older dogs? They don’t give much respect to us younger ones.”

Lord: “While all generations hold some disdain for their descendants, I tend to find that it’s the younger that cast the first stone.”

Lord: “Give respect to those who have earned it. But you also can’t know who to give respect, before you give it. A classic conundrum. I find that it is easier to give everyone respect at first and let them prove whether they are worthy of more. People are usually quick to show their intentions.”

Leo: “That’s not how it works with the cats. If they don’t give respect to a superior don’t they get punished?”

Lord: “You are confusing respect with fear. I did not obtain the position I have today by beating my competition into submission. I did it by working hard and proving my worth to the people around me, and eventually to all Canine kind. The tainted kind of respect the Feline practice is based more on fear of punishment. True respect creates loyalty. Fear only breeds disdain.”

Lord held up a cloth, spit in it and started to clean the stain on Leo’s shirt. Leo looked around and could see the other dogs starting to chuckle at the sight. What Lord was doing was a typical act of mother dogs tending to their pup. Leo wanted to resist but instead just stood there in attention.

Lord: “Be careful not to ride off my well-earned respect. And if you continue to act like a puppy, I will gladly treat you like a puppy.”

Leo grumbling: “Yes my king.”


Ouch, that has to be thee embarrassing moments for Leo. He’s got himself a moral hat trick! But we all learn from our mistakes one way or another.


Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

Controversiality in writing.



I recently was asked an opinion on a highly controversial piece written by a budding artist. They had questioned if putting in concepts like human trafficking, cult activities, racism, rape victims and genocide.

They were afraid that writing about these topics were going to offend someone or get them blacklisted. This was my response:

“Is this work fiction? If so, write it. Any and all issues should be discussed in literature. If you’re out to tell a story, it will thrive. If you’re just going to pander to an unseen audience, it will falter. Our most controversial books to date were written despite the threat of blacklisting. Our libraries honor them now.”

I was proud of the help I could give to this person, but I realized that I was falling into the same kind of situation. I had been debating for months with myself on certain parts of the book and if they were appropriate. It took reading a page in my own morality book to slap me back into work. These issues are something I believe are important. Issues and problems my own people deal with on a daily basis. If I don’t have the courage to stand up and write about them, despite the fear of reprisal, than nothing changes. If nothing changes, the people who suffer will continue to suffer. I will not allow that to happen.


Conflict is a necessity of every human being. Even if somehow we find a way to fix an issue or problem, there will be more to come. But that’s how we learn and grow. Fear of failure is a fear of learning. We MUST continue to strive to solve these challenges, and continue to expect more.


I don’t know about you, but that makes me excited! This wild ride never ends. Let’s get to it!

-Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”

We all have a little Anime nerd in us. (When you just gotta critique the critique)


A video by TheLostChaper popped up on my meda feed, and with it the euphoric glee of watching someone assess in detail some enjoyable anime.


Go check it out, subscribe and see what you think before reading into my assessment of it.


While I enjoyed the format and the questions it posed. The content had some holes in it. My inner writer just had to jump up and say something!


While there is good merit with this video, there are many parts that just don’t add up.

You’re explanation of these “Rules” makes sense until Minute mark 4:01. “There is not a single fight where the viewer isn’t given 100% of the information”. The viewer is NOT given all the information. I didn’t see the nen lines from Hisoka until after the fight. The Kastro VS Hisoka fight is intentionally filled with seemingly impossible holes. If a completely new viewer where to watch, they would question the impossibility. That is an excellent way to tell a story, but hardly comparable to the rest of the Hunter X Hunter story writing.

From a writing standpoint the audience gains this from that fight:

A: We get a full demonstration of the more powerful parts of nen Wing was trying to explain/hide.

B: This is the first time we get a good glimpse at what Hisoka can really do. The audience knew that Hisoka was powerful before, but never knew why. This fight cemented it.

C: Hisoka is a trickster by nature. He operates with deception and cunning to surpass his challenges.

    Kastro WAS more powerful than Hisoka, but only because of the surprise ability he had. Kastro had years to prepare for his fight with Hisoka. From what I can deduce, Hisoka had to have a nasty reputation. So Kastro decides that the best way to fight a trickster is to deceive him. He learned a powerful technique that he naturally had a difficulty with. It worked, for a short period of time, if he had pressed the offense rather than trying to play it safe, Kastro would have won. Kastro VS Hisoka was a fight of deceit from both ends. The only other fight to reach this depth of manipulation will come with Chrollo Vs Hisoka.

    Next up is your assessment of the Greed Island arc. Yes, the rules were complicated… But never used to fool us. None of the conflicts even came close to the complexity of the Kastro VS Hisoka fight, because nobody ever needed to. Sure, the cards made the fights shift to a different direction, but did it really? We witness that Hisoka does plainly well in the game without taking the time to learn the card system. Brute force is still trumps any of the complexities created by the Island. The dodgeball game has the most arguably deceptive complexity to it, and yet only a few of the card/game rules came into play. This is not a good example of writing that fools the viewer.   

Next is your comparison of “writing trickery” to Gon. It seems to might have overlooked some of the earlier aspects of Gon, mainly his character development points. It is true that Gon has some similarities to the stereotypical “Good Guy” but the sudden shift in his character was not a deception or Togashi trying to trick us. Let’s take a look at a few aspects of Gon that could allow for such a change:

A: Gon is a child. He has not reached the mental maturity of the adults around him. His power allows him to compete and interact with adults, but he will still think simplistically like a child.

B: Gon lacks foresight. This is made painfully clear in episode two when questioned by the old woman. Gon is not the type of person to think around or forward, his thoughts are in the now. When you claim that Gon intentionally put his friends in danger? More than likely he wasn’t thinking of it at the time and was focused on what was in front of him.

C: Because of the two previous aspects, this makes Gon morally flexible. It’s not that he doesn’t care if a person is good or evil, is more likely that he wants them to prove it first. You can claim you’re a killer, murderer, trickster, but until you SHOW Gon, he won’t care.

    Wing and Zepile’s assessment of Gon can be explain with this analogy: Gon is a baby with a loaded pistol, who can shoot on the same level as a competitive sportsman. Yeah, it’s pretty cool to watch a baby shoot a gun, but there are so many bad things that could happen with that situation. It makes sense that they are uneasy with Gon.

    This “truth” about Gon in the ant arc is because of something that not many people get to witness. It’s what happens when you have a person who is extremely solid or flexible in willpower, and you break them. Everyone has a breaking point. Gon hit his at the death of Kite. And people who are as strong mentally as Gon, fall HARD. The only reason I’ve seen this is my work in a mental institution, it doesn’t happen often.

These aspects of the characters and the shape of the story were not to fool the viewer. The Kastro Vs Hisoka fight is the only good example of that. The rest of it is well designed characters and complex yet fluid story line.    


Well written Anime is difficult to find. Hunter X Hunter is well written by my standards and you should go check it out. Rant over!


Silver the Bard: “If you haven’t heard from me, assume I’m dead and avenge me.”


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