Corgi Knight Is growing!

Over the last five months, Corgi Knight has had far too many man hours to count put into its production and from many different sources. Let’s take a look at some of them and meet the new faces working on world crafting. The updated Luterra map above comes from Megasploo, over at His newContinue reading “Corgi Knight Is growing!”

Villainous intent. Tips on writing the person we love to hate.

    I’ve crafted some seriously vile villains over the years. From them I’ve learned a few good guidelines. If you’re having trouble coming up with a convincing villain try out some of these: #1: A villain is just a person with a differing viewpoint than your main characters. One of my greatest Villans wasContinue reading “Villainous intent. Tips on writing the person we love to hate.”

Corgi Knight Begins.

If anyone ever tells you that fiction writing is easy, I want you to smack them right in the head. Aim for a soft spot like the temple or eyes. Fiction writing is hard and it should be hard. I’m starting this book/blog/podcast because it a challenge, because it a magnificent art form and becauseContinue reading “Corgi Knight Begins.”